Appleseed Collective in Rochester, Vermont

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Nationally known group, Appleseed Collective, will be coming to The Wildwood Flower and Sandy’s Books and Bakery in Rochester, Vermont on Tuesday, May 17 starting at 6 pm. Enjoy live music in intimate spaces and see the amazing selections and collections of antiques and vintage musical instruments at The Wildwood Flower, on Route 100, starting at 6 pm. Just north and minutes away at Sandy’s Books and Bakery, also on Route 100, enjoy the famous food and refreshments while Appleseed Collective plays the speakeasy set starting at 8:45.

The Appleseed Collective is not a bluegrass band. It’s not The Hot Club of Paris. It’s not a ragtime cover band. The Appleseed Collective represents Americana music rooted in traditions from all over the world and from every decade, creating a live experience that welcomes every soul and is impossible to replicate.

Formed in 2010, The Appleseed Collective has become a force of nature powered by their local community and developed by a strong sense of do-it-yourself drive. In an age of corporations and climate change, the band’s commitment to buying & selling local, eating from gardens, and being their own bosses has led to the kind of success that feels simply organic. Each part of the Collective comes together to form an amalgam of complementary and contrasting elements. With a Motown session musician for a father, guitarist Andrew Brown was exposed to pre-World War II jazz on a trip to New Orleans. Shortly afterwards a chance meeting introduced him to Brandon Smith, violinist, mandolinist and improvisatory magician who grew up playing old time fiddle music. Vince Russo, multi-percussionist and van-packing savant, blends influences of funk, jazz and rock n’ roll on the washboard. Eric Dawe comes from a background of choral singing and studies in Indian classical music and provides the bottom end on the upright bass. The whole band sings in harmony.

The Baba Yagas will be opening the Wildwood Flower show. Donations are appreciated.

The show is produced by New Edge Productions and hosted by The Wildwood Flower and Sandy’s Books and Bakery. Get more information about the show at

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